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Paul Morris (30), was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, from a Dutch mother and a Venezuelan father.


As a young boy he was already fascinated by singing and dancing, just like his cousin Rolf Sanchez. Eleven years ago Paul left Venezuela for the Netherlands determined to follow his dreams and started studying Music Theater (ArtEZ) in Arnhem and later Performing Arts (Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts) in Amsterdam, to follow an international career as a pop artist.


In 2019 the ball started rolling and he entered the TV show DanceSing, a talent show where the creators were looking for a pop star who could both sing and dance. With his performances of Stay With Me (Sam Smith) and Despacito (Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee), he makes it to the finals and his videos are viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, including Luis Fonsi himself. A great start.


Despite barely being able to work in the period of 2020-2022, Paul Morris released a Spanish adaptation of Davina Michelle's hit Duurt Te Lang. He also released the song Cada Ritmo (Sweet Dreams) in 2022, a collaboration between Paul, Stephen Oaks, Emy Perez and Daddy Yankee.


Paul also signed a contract for a large number of shows with Lío (originally from Ibiza), on the Greek island of Mykonos. But then disaster struck. The night before his birthday he had a scooter accident. The consequences were serious as—in addition to a battered face, bruises and broken teeth—he also suffered a jaw fracture. Fortunately, he recovered quickly and is grateful for the angel on his shoulder.


Paul, who has always been open about his sexual orientation, performed for the first time during the closing party at De Dam of Pride Amsterdam in 2019. For someone who grew up in a country where macho culture prevails and same-sex marriage is still illegal, Pride in Amsterdam made a big impression on him. Therefore, Paul said a resounding “Yes!” when he was asked to be a Pride Ambassador in 2022. With his single Hide My Love chosen as the official anthem of the year, Paul could be seen and heard on all stages during the week of Pride Amsterdam with his own show and his message as ambassador.


In 2023 Paul has proudly released TATTOO/EUPHORIA, a strings/mash-up/duet cover of Loreen's hit songs "Tattoo" and "Euphoria" together with his romantic partner Milan van Waardenburg, Alessandra Sordo-Sànchez on the violin and Laura González Badenes on the cello, and in the first week of August his next single Really Wanna Get To Know Ya will be available for all his listeners. 

Through his versatility of genres and languages, Paul loves to warm the hearts of people and let them dance and enjoy life. This is just as important to him as keeping the conversation open about sexuality and freedom.






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